Happy Endings

More than 6,000 animals are placed through the Sacramento SPCA each year. We’d like to share just a few of our Happy Endings. If you’ve adopted a pet from the Sacramento SPCA, please mail us your Happy Ending story and photograph:

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Happy Endings
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Dutch the rabbit

Dutch (formerly Truman)
Adopted February 2012

Dutch was adopted for my for my thirteenth birthday. I was so excited, all I want to do is play with him all day. He was named Dutch because he is a Dutch rabbit. I love him!





GoldieGoldie the dog
Adopted January 2012
Goldie went from being an outside dog who slept in a garage to happily laying on her pillow next to the fireplace or on “Daddy’s” chair. On sunny days she likes to lay in the sun and chase squirrels. She has also gotten in great shape and runs three miles with “Mommy.” She loves camping and the beach. We are so lucky Goldie joined our family. She is such a good, sweet girl. Thank you SPCA for introducing us to Goldie!




Cooper (formerly Rooster)
Adopted January 2012

Cooper shares his home with our other dog “Oliver,” our cat “Hoshi” and of course, his two-legged family. He lves wrestling with Oliver and roaming around his backyard. Cooper also loves to learn new tricks, and is especially good at “playing dead.”



MichelleMichelle Adopted December 2011
Adopted December 2011

My friend and I visited the SPCA during the holiday season, “just to look,” and there was Michelle, a lhasa apso/English springer spaniel mix. To make a long story short, she sat on my lap all the way to her new home in Stockton. Adopting Michelle was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is such good company and loved by both my friends and family alike.



Adopted January 2010

I adopted Jombo a blue Weimaraner, from the SPCA 3 or 4 years ago and he has been the most wonderful dog – more than I could have asked for! Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to have found him as he brings me so much happiness and joy every day. Jombo is a great running partner, has good recall, and is obsessed with tennis balls! He and JD (my roommate’s dog and a 15 lb. miniature pinscher) have become the best of friends and get along so well. Jombo is a crazy, goofy boy and I can’t imagine my day without him. Thank you for everything you do for the animals that have found themselves at your doorstep.