Before You Adopt

Before you adopt, it’s always a good idea to do your research and find out more about the tendencies and personality traits of dogs and cats that interest you.  While every animal is an individual, there are general breed characteristics that influence how that animal may behave.  You should also consider the age, size, exercise requirements, grooming needs and potential health concerns of each breed or breed mix.

The goal of the Sacramento SPCA’s adoption program is to find out more about your needs and ideals and to provide assistance in choosing an animal that is right for you and your lifestyle.  Combining your research with our resources will help ensure that you have the best possible start with your new companion.

Things to consider before getting a pet.
Vet bills and food are only the beginning when you get a pet. Read about the many other impacts a pet can have.

Puppy, kitten or adult? Which is right for you?
Few people can resist the adorable face of a puppy or kitten, but is a youngster necessarily the best choice for you?

Why mixed breeds make great companion animals.
Learn about the advantages of a mixed-breed animal. Many animals waiting for homes in shelters are mixed breeds, and one of them may be a perfect match for you.