Adoption Procedure/Application


Visiting any shelter for the first time can seem overwhelming. So many potential pets to choose from — where do you begin? By reading this information before you come to visit us, and by filling out our Matchmaker Form ahead of time, you’ll be ready to make the best choice.

Adoption Policy

Adoptions end 30 minutes before closing time. Make sure to allow for plenty of time to meet your new friend and get the adoption process completed. The shelter remains open for the last 30 minutes for visitors. We accept cash, check and major credit cards.

If you would like more information about an animal, we highly recommend visiting the shelter in person.

While the listing of animals that are available for adoption is updated frequently, we cannot guarantee that any of the adoptable animals will still be available when you inquire in person or by email. Animals are adopted frequently and quickly.

Our goal is to find homes for the animals so unfortunately we are not able to take requests to hold or reserve an animal.

A large majority of animals come to the shelter with unknown medical histories. Most veterinarians honor a free health check visit for a newly adopted shelter pet. We will give you a list of participating veterinarians when you adopt. Keeping pets healthy is very important; we do recommend regular check-ups with a veterinarian.

Step 1: Walk Through the Animal Areas
Walk through our animal areas and look at the available animals. You may read the information for each animal, which includes the animals’ age, breed, reason for surrender, owner questionnaire and the results and recommendations from our behavior evaluation.

When you find a pet that interests you, you’ll be asked to complete a Matchmaker Form. Please keep your children with you at all times and remind them not to put their fingers into an animal’s cage. Not only is it potentially dangerous for you, it can also spread diseases similar to common colds among the animals.

Step 2: Complete the Matchmaker Form
The second thing you’ll be asked to do is to fill out our Matchmaker Form. You can download it now and have it ready when you visit our shelter. This form will save you some time when you visit our shelter and assist us in helping you find a pet that meets your expectations and lifestyle.

Cat Matchmaker Questionnaire (PDF, 44KB, Last Mod: 01/15)
Dog Matchmaker Questionnaire (PDF, 119KB, Last Mod: 01/15)
Small and Exotic Animal Questionnaire (PDF, 48KB, Last Mod: 01/15)
These forms are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). To read them, you’ll need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader.

Step 3: Meet with an Adoption Counselor
When you find a pet that you’d like to meet, you’ll talk with an adoption counselor who will review your Matchmaker form and help you decide which types of pets are right for you – including breed, age, temperament, etc.

Because it often takes several visits to the shelter to find the pet who is right for you, keep your questionnaire for future visits.

Step 4: Meeting and Adopting Animals
Your adoption counselor can help you meet pets that match your interests and lifestyle. You can take animals to acquaintance areas and get to know them a little better. All of our animals must be spayed or neutered before they leave the shelter. If they are not already altered, you can complete the adoption that day and will be able to pick up your new pet in one to three days.

If you are adopting a dog and already have one at home, you may be asked to put your desired dog on hold and bring your dog to the shelter within three hours to meet him or her. We do not recommend that you leave your dog in your car while you look at other dogs – the interior car temperature even in the spring or fall can reach lethally hot levels in minutes. Ask our adoptions staff for help.

Step 5: Paperwork and Fees
When you have selected your new pet, there will be some paperwork to fill out and payment of adoption fees at the front desk. On weekends especially, there can be many adoptions going on so we ask for your patience if you have to wait during this step. The adoption fee for dogs is $100, and $150 for puppies six months of age and under. The adoption fee for cats one and older is $45, and kittens are $85. The adoption fees for small animals (rabbits, hamsters, iguanas, guinea pigs, rats, etc.) vary depending on species. See what you get for your adoption fees.

We offer discounted adoption fees for military/veterans with valid military ID or DD214, and free or reduced-cost adoption fees for adopters age 65 and older. Do you want to learn about other programs we offer senior citizens?
Click here to visit our Senior Services page!